Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Can't Sleep, Clowns Will Eat Me

Well no, actually they won't, and this does remind me that I have a great little rant on coulrophobia that I'll do in the future, but nevertheless I find myself unable to sleep.

This is counter-productive for many reasons, the largest being that regular amounts of sleep can help you lose weight, which as you may know is my core goal for the time being. Not sleeping, on the other hand, stresses your body out, increases blood pressure, and wonkifies your system (medical term, I assure you), making it hard for it to do anything, let alone burn off excess calories. And seeing as how I can't do much else at the moment, I would like for my body to be able to do at least that.

Why can't I sleep? The usual culprit, pain. Nothing new and exciting there. But I figured I would at least get this all down before I attempt more sleep, which shall happen right now.

...ok, now.


...damn it...

Oh, and I still immensely dislike iced tea. But I haven't given up. Maybe I'll dream about iced tea and wake up and suddenly like it. And if that works, I'm totally going to dream up other things like cleaning my room on a regular basis and math.

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