Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Sleep Challenge

The events of this week are enough to fill an entry of their own, and they shall do that. However, before I do anything else, I must make this post.

Those of you who have read my previous blog may be aware that I like to challenge myself in ways that will help me grow. And as this is all about rebuilding myself, I figured that a challenge like this one would be most appropriate. And what challenge is that?


Simply put, for the next month I will be in bed with my laptop off and trying to sleep by 2:00am. I figure this should be simple enough, as most of my friends tend to be asleep already by then so I shouldn't really have any excuse to be up any later than that. With this I hope to establish a reliable and set sleeping schedule which will help me both physically and mentally, both of which certainly need a bit of work.

I will not punish myself too hard, as this will be a difficult task, but I must find a way to reward myself. Any ideas?


  1. Set a time to wake up, not to go to sleep. You will start needed to sleep earlier to fit the wake up time.

  2. And by needed I of course meant "needing"